ReBlog: Person vs. Individual

Person vs. Individual

Are you a person or are you an individual?

What is the difference? What could exist in the vast gulf between the extremes of  individualism and collectivism, especially in an age that functions by utilitarian principles.This series on personalism in philosophy as applied to sociology by Margarita Mooney has been quite enlightening and enjoyable to read. It is amazing to wonder what impact this would have if social science research would incorporate this philosophy. Better yet would be to see how as a Christians we can truly integrate the diginity of the person into our daily lives. For a good summary on personalism I invite you to read this series by Margarita Mooney found on the Blog: Black, White, and Gray

More than individuals: How Personalism Influences Social Theory Research

What is Personalism? A Rectification of Individualism and Collectivism

The Acting Person is both Free and Social


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